STORY TELLING , long long time ago

(The Queen of the South Ocean)
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Kadita. Because of her beauty, she was called Dewi Srengenge which mean The beautiful sun. Her father was King Munding Wangi. Although he had a beautiful daughter he always unhappy because he always expected to have a son. The King decided to merry Dewi Mutiara, and he had a son from her. He was very happy. Dewi Mutiara wanted her son to become a king in the future so she must make sure for it. Dewi mutiara came to the king and asked him to send away his daughter. Of course, the king did not agree.
“It is ridiculous, I will not allow any body doing such cruel thing to my daughter”, said King Munding Wangi. When she heard the answer,
Dewi mutiara smiled and said a sweet thing until the king has not anger anymore. However, she kept her bad intention deep in her heart.
In the morning before the sun raised, Dewi Mutiara sent her maid to call a black magician. She wanted the black magician to curse Kadita, her step daughter.
” I want her beautiful body full with scabies and itch.
If you succeeded I will reward you with the present you never thought before”. The black magician did the queen order, in the night Kadita body has been full with scabies and itch.
When She waked up , she found her body was smell stinky and have a ulcer all over her body. The beautiful princess cried and did not know what to do.
When The King heard he was very sad, he invited many physician to cure her daughter illness. Day by the day nobody could cure her daughter. He realized that her daughter illness it was not a ordinary illness someone must send a curse or magic spell. His problem became more difficult when the Queen Dewi Mutiara forced him to send away her daughter. “Your daughter will bring a bad luck to whole country, said Dewi Mutiara. The king did not want her daughter become a bad rumour in whole country. Finally he must agree to send her only daughter to leave the country.
The poor princess went alone, she didn’t know to where she should go. She almost could not cry anymore. She had a nobble heart. She did not have any bad feeling with her step mother, instead she always asked the God to accompany her passed her suffer. Almost seven day and seven night she has walked until she came to south ocean. She looked at the ocean. It was so clean and clear, unlike other ocean which have a blue or green colour. She jumped onto the water and swim. Suddenly when the south ocean water touched her skin there was a miracle happened. Her ulcer has gone and there was no sign that she has ever had a scabies or itch. Even more she became more beautiful than before. Not only that she has a power to command whole of the south ocean. Now she became a fairy called Nyi Roro Kidul or The Queen of South
Ocean who lived forever.
in Jogja is sayed that she married to Hamenkubuwono VII and that no one eccept afew could see his queen.
Tamansri Waterpalace was builed in honor of nyai Roro Kidul.
cause it head a underground tunnel that leads al the way to kraton.
and the sultan would go there every night .
no one beleefd it but people from kraton say u not see ?
till know is still big ceramony

There is also a legend that the Jawanees Rhino was granted as a gift by Roro kidul she sayd when all Jawanees Rhino’s are killed she would sink Jawa to the bottem of the Ocean.

Christmas Miracle by Alisa Pullum
Once upon a time, there was a house on top of a very tall hill. In that house, there lived three little children. There was Matt the oldest, which would always get into trouble with his little sister Erika, and little brother Chris. Matt would go up to Erika and take her most favorite little doll while saying, “Oh Erika! Help me, Help me!” in a squeaky girls voice and prance around her room. Then he would go outside and run around the yard still saying “Please help me Erika! Oh Help, Help!” still using his squeaky girly voice. Chris would always chase Matt and grab Erika’s doll. Then everything would be calm, Erika and Chris would play a little board game, and Matt would sit on the couch and pout all evening long, just because his little siblings had won.
Mother would then come home with groceries and ask them,”how was your day?” Erika and Chris would always say,”It was Ok, I guess.” Just because they didn’t want Matt to get in trouble. When ever Matt gets in trouble he gets yelled at all day, and the next day he won’t even talk, not even one word would come out of his mouth. So every Doll!” day when something bad happens, they would keep their mouth’s shut. But one day Matt did something very bad. He took one of Erika’s dolls, using his squeaky girls voice and pranced around the room, as usual. But when he went out side he gave the doll to his dog, Harold. Harold took the innocent little doll and shook it with his teeth. There was stuffing going everywhere like it was snowing! Oh how Erika screamed and cried,”Down Boy! Give Me Back My Doll!” She begged that for a while until Harold finally let go. The yard was a mess! there was a doll arm there, and a leg here, and the little doll head was right at her feet. Chris could not fix or help with this.
When mother came home that day she saw Erika crying with her doll head in her arms and Chris comforting her. On the couch was Matt laughing and saying, “YES! Victory is mine, all mine!” Then she asked Erika what had happened. “Matt gave my doll to Harold and now I only have her head.” she said moaning with tears. Moms face got red, as red as the burning sun, as red as fire burning clearly in the yard. She went to Matt and grabbed him by the ear. “I’m sure santa won’t give you any presents!” She said. Matt’s ears got scolded with these words and moaned with pain. He was in his room yelling and kicking everywhere!
Three months passed and soon there was three days before christmas. Erika still had her doll head in her arms and had never forgiven her brother after that day. Every night she would prey and say, ” Dear sweet santa, your beard as white as snow, your bells sound as beautiful as a carol, your suit as red as blood, oh please fix my doll.” Then she would go to bed. On Christmas eve, her family came over and exchanged gifts all night long. After the feast, every one went home. So Erika went under the tree and placed her doll head under it and then said, “Dear sweet santa, your beard as white as snow, Your sleigh as sparkly as sun rays, your suit as red as blood, oh please fix my doll.” So she went to sleep and had a very strange dream. It was Christmas and Matt got a large bike and rode it outside all day long. Chris got a cool board game and played it peacefully. But in Erika’s box there was a piece of coal! She woke up terrified and went down stairs to look under the christmas tree. But she did not just see presents, she saw santa holding her doll head! He put christmas dust on it and in seconds the doll had a body with a beautiful dress on it! Even a crown that even she could wear!
Tears of joy ran down her cheeks and before she new it, she was hugging santa clause exclaiming, “Oh, thank you santa! Oh, thank you so much! I knew you would come, I just knew it!” Santa hugged her back and said with a smile, “If you are good I will come with a present just for you. I heard you talking about me so I would like to give you a bell from my sleigh but be careful. If you do not believe me, you will not hear it’s sweet music it would play for you.” More tears of joy ran down her cheeks and she said with joy, “I will always believe you santa. I will, I will!” She hugged him tighter than before and finally let go and when she did, he snapped his fingers and he disappeared while saying, “HO, HO, HO. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!” and he was off! Everyone woke up and Chris got a peaceful board game and played it, Erika got what she wanted, and sadly, Matt got something, but it was a piece of coal! from that day on, everything in that house was peaceful and they all lived happily ever after. Even Matt.
The Ice Doll by Michelle Dufflocq
There once was a little girl named Sunny. She had no brothers or sisters, and at her school everyone teased her. In general she was lonely. But one night on Christmas Eve at exactly mid-night, she wished on a star. Dear star: I would like a friend, the kindest and sweetest friend ever. I would like her for a Christmas present. I do not need anything else. If you grant me this wish, I shall be the happiest girl on earth. And then she went to sleep. The next day was Christmas. There were all sorts of presents to open and lovely things to eat. After that Sunny went outside to play in the snow. She went running all around the yard looking for her friend. Suddenly she tripped on something. Owww! She said, then standing up to go see what she tripped on. It was a small doll; that has about the size of her hand. She was so beautiful yet so dainty and delicate, that she seemed to be made out of ice. You shall be my friend. What’s your name? My name is Sunny, said the girl. My name is Ice, said the doll. Yet her lips didn’t move. Well Ice, said Sunny. We shall do everything that friends do, we shall go ice-skating, we will read books, go to the sea side in when it’s warm again, and play together. Come with me, we shall go inside, said Sunny, picking up the doll.
But as soon as Sunny and Ice were in the house, Sunny notist that Ice was slightly smaller than before. I must be seeing things, thot Sunny.
Sunny and Ice did everything friend do, they read books together, baked cookies together, went ice skating, and played games together. Soon it was time to go to sleep.
By that time the ice doll was about the size of a pea. I shall make you a little bed on my dresser, so you can sleep peacefully, said Sunny. They both got in to bed, and dreamt sweet dreams.
The sun rose and Sunny opened her eyes. She got up, put on her dressing gown, put on her slippers, and ran to go say good morning to Ice. But alas, instead of Ice all there was was a small puddle of water. For Ice was indeed made out of ice. And she had melted during the nights sleep. Sunny looked into the puddle, planning to see her reflection. But instead she saw Ice, with a tear in her eye.
But alas, Sunny’s life continued. She went to school, did her homework, and before she knew it, it was Christmas again. There she was trudging threw the snow, but suddenly she tripped on something. Owww! Said Sunny, and then going to see what it was.
And it was Ice!


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